ATG Series Server/Network Cabinets


Complies with ANSI/EIA, RS-310-D, DIN41494;Part1, DIN41494;Part7, GB/T3047.2-92, ETSI standard.


Front and rear doors are solder free, reinforcement structure, with an elegant and sturdy design.

Front and rear doors with elegant lock.

The lock can be equipped according to the customers needs.

Front and rear doors can be designed to open left or right.

Front and rear doors can be changed to a double door.


Mounting Profile and Mounting Angle: Finger resistant aluminum zinc plate.

The Rest: SPCC Cold Rolled Steel.

Thickness: Mounting Profile: 2.0mm, Mounting Angle: 1.5mm, The Rest: 1.2mm.

Surface Finish:

Degreasing, Vitrification, powder coated.

Degree of Protection:


Loading Capacity:

Static Loading: 800KG (with adjustable feet).